Clo's Story

The name Clo Chocolates is a short version of Clotilde.

Clotilde is from France but Irish at heart.

From a very early age Clo was passionate about food, at only age 8 she decided she would be a chocolatier. From age 15 went to boarding school to learn the art of patisserie, chocolate and confectionery for 4 years. Les Sorbets School was based in Noirmoutier, a small island you can reach by a bridge or before only when the tide was low.

After working in various patisserie, chocolaterie and restaurants, the opportunity to travel to Ireland came across.

Clo fell in love with Ireland and met Tomasz, her partner. After some time traveling, Clo returned to Paris working in a 2 Michelin star restaurant LaTable de Joel Robuchon, making chocolate treats. Ireland was calling and in 2012 Clo returned to Sligo to take over a bakery and Le Fournil Bakery was born.

Clo's passion for chocolate re-emerge and Clo Chocolate was born within the business.

Using only the finest ingredients, Clo has been crafting chocolates in small batches and operates out of Le Fournil Bakery in a very close-knit neighbourhood in Sligo town. Making chocolate takes time, care and patience.

Clo Chocolates is a family business, a small team in a community of friends, working together to make the dream live.

Each of Clo Chocolates is a tiny piece of art. She dreams up, hand paints, shells, fills and caps each one with meticulous care and attention to detail.