Sustainability statement

Clo Chocolates

Artisan chocolates, handmade locally using 100% sustainable cocoa, supplied in reusable and refillable packaging.

Our chocolate is sourced through Callebaut, who’s initiative ‘The Cocoa Horizons Foundation’ strives to support farmers through education and sustainability, fair wages, and improved living conditions. They also work towards becoming carbon neutral and being forest positive.

We aim to source packaging that is produced using renewable energy and is designed to minimise material waste. We also aim to optimise the use of renewable and recycled materials in all packaging. We encourage ‘keepability over disposability’, offering reusable boxes of chocolates in our shops, for example.  All efforts are made to recycle packaging from incoming deliveries for other uses including packing online orders etc, thus reducing our non-organic waste.

For shipping and deliveries, we consider couriers who had an environmental sustainability plan that matches our company ethos.